Eastern Spruce, Pine and Fir (SPF) Framing Lumber

Eastern Spruce, Pine and Fir (SPF) has been the choice of builders for many years. As the first choice for framing material, softwood lumber is dependable, cost-effective and offers a superior strength-to-weight ratio. Kiln drying helps to ensure a consistent product time after time.

SPF is used in a broad range of applications. These include framing and structural lumber, sheathing, trusses, prefabricated housing and components.  SPF is also used in wooden crates, reels and other industrial packaging.

The Exceptional Properties and Benefits of SPF

  • Ideal for residential, commercial and industrial construction
  • Inexpensive, cost effective
  • Smaller, tighter knot size
  • Slower growth species promotes tighter wood grain for better strength, value and dimensional stability
  • Preferred species for its workability in construction applications; easy to work with
  • Works well with a variety of glues, paints and stains, grips nails tightly
  • Kiln drying ensures dimensional stability

Environmentally superior to steel, concrete and plastic

Longer lengths available as Special Order