Upstate Door, Inc. builds-to-spec: distinctive exterior and interior stile and rail doors; screen and screen/storm door solutions for entry ways and porches — all at its manufacturing facility in Warsaw, New York.

Distinctive door solutions … making clients' visions a reality

• Exterior/Interior Doors
• Impact Rated, Bifolding, Lift & Slide, Fire Doors

  • Using the finest hardwoods
  • Your specifications• Screen & Screen / Storm Doors
  • Personalized services
  • Your designs
  • Expert craftsmanship


  1. Customer Expectations: We strive to ensure that your door solutions are what you expect and that you enjoy working with us.
  2. Quality: The combination of our expert craftsman, the finest materials, leading edge woodworking equipment, and attention to detail leads to a product of exceptional quality.
  3. Service: Our personalized service begins when we receive a call about a quote and continues through to the delivery of your door solution.
    Let a Tart Lumber representative show you a corner sample so that you can see Upstate's quality and superior construction!
  4. Solid stile and rails vs. veneered stiles and rails (no delaminating)
  5. For engineered stiles, we use an 1/8" solid wood ply with a solid wood core vs. a veneered ply and
    composite core (premium vs. economy)
  6. Solid wood framed panels with book matched veneers vs. bladder pressed panels (premium grade
    vs. economy grade)
  7. All doors coped and doweled under pressure and glued with marine epoxy vs. doors glued with no
    dowels or base wood glue