We often get questions regarding trees that have fallen or logs.  We are not a sawmill, we are a custom millshop.  We do not have the equipment to mill and kiln dry logs for use in projects.  Here are a few resouces that might be helpful for you!

Log Milling Sources

Riverbend Sawmill
Leesburg, Virginia 703-777-3600

Eco Friendly Lumber

Carthapin, Va  (703) 881-1966

They will create slabs from your logs and have a facility to kiln dry..


Vintage Lumber 1
Council Dr, Woodsboro, MD 301-845-2500 
antique woods · antique flooring · flooring products · reclaimed wood · construction materials

Southland Reclaimed
North Carolina  704-765-9773 
Vintage Wood and Brick

Goodwin Heart Pine Company
Micanopy, Florida 352-466-0339  
These are river recovered logs that are milled into flooring.  Broad board flooring straight from the swamps of Florida

Welborn Wright  
Richmond, Virginia 800-785-6323  
Reclaimed Lumber