Marvin's New Lock Status Sensor

Post Date: March 19, 2018
Category: Blog

The new Marvin Lock Status Sensor brings smart home capabilities to Marvin windows and doors. The Lock Status Sensor is a fully integrated, factory-prepped solution that’s ready for wired or wireless connectivity. This means that every window and door equipped with it is delivered, ready to install, without the need for after-market modification.

This simple, affordable solution indicates if a panel or sash is closed and locked or unlocked, enhancing peace of mind without compromising aesthetics. 

What are the features and benefits?

  • The Lock Status Sensor indicates when your window or door is unlocked or closed and locked*
  • Integrates seamlessly into your new or existing security system via wired or wireless connection
  • Concealed design preserves the beauty of your Marvin windows and doors without impacting performance
  • Forward thinking design allows you to upgrade your system as technology changes
  • Compatible and ready to connect with leading third-party home automation HUB and service providers.

Stop in the Tart Lumber Company Design Showroom to find out more about the innovative products from Marvin and Marvin Integrity. 

Top photo and video credit: Marvin Windows & Doors